Alex Tanner-Fucked and Ravished By Two Older Men


Alex Tanner-Fucked and Ravished By Two Older Men

Alex Tanner-Fucked and Ravished By Two Older Men

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As planned, Alex got home early to make sure he could even remain there as usually he was gone when she went home. I would say she was astonished to find another man there but she handled it good. She was dressed conservatively since she’d only had off work but her clothes was loose-fitting in the place. Then when she got us something to take as she leaned over to put that drinks down these two older guys had the good see deal of cleavage and her hot sheer bra you could see her huge pink aureoles and hard nipples. And as she walked out I saw them see each other with a small smile enjoying what they’d looked. But I saw this could be the point of it.

So she decided that if she only loved those two inches she would come in awhile, that perhaps she’d pull. She cost grunting and grimacing like it was bad, but those two inches of pussy certainly seemed better, sort of like her voice. I shut my eyes and within two hours I thought the sperm rocket through my dick and away into her cunt. The funny thing was that the fact she wouldn’t take it at was because she was in the rush. It turned out she was the virgin, and, not having made that earlier, she was afraid. Neither of us understood plenty to believe that she was sour. But when my spooge splashed into her, she had lubed up very tight. The next moment she tried to shut down on my penis, it slipped into her light to her stomach. She gasped “ Ooof ” and so created the sort of “ Wahhhh ” sound.

She rolled me over onto my side and had power. She placed her cunt on mine. I rolled my limbs tightly in her as she gripped my butt from underneath. She loved me hard and tight. This resistance was chafing my shoulders as our pussies rubbed together at a naughty flat party. I arched my back wildly, bringing in the fresh damp slides. We fell simultaneously in intense grips and lewd screams.


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Date: December 9, 2019