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Alex Tanner-Porn Star

Alex Tanner is a redhead porn star and adult model. She was born December 21, 1995. Her cup size is 32B, and she is a petite pornstar.

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Alex Tanner-Porn Star
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Alex Tanner is a very sexy young bisexual girl who got in this business and decided to do it her own. She is really dynamic and diligent, but her job and contracts wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for her structure. She is the redhead Irish girl born in FL. Alex is a small woman, with the 5 feet and 3 inches height and a weight of just 112 pounds. Her body is completely physical and yet if she wears 34B cups, her breasts are absolutely perky with tough and pointy tits. Since she is the legit ginger, her appearance is hidden at freckles which are getting down on her shoulders and a bit at her boobies. What’s also cool about the small structure of the precious porn character is the fact that she has no gag response. No matter how hardcore this deep throat is, she can make it with no questions, creating her model for hard oral sex scenes. Alex was birthed on Dec 21st 1995 and she is just 20 years older. She gets a two tattoos, one on her abdomen next to her hip white. She is only perfect and she would be the future teen porn character wonder. See why she’s so limited in the following paragraphs.

If you believe the friend cost kind of slutty for sleeping with sever duded before you, believe again. Alex Tanner turned into such the common model, not just because of her attractive hot body, but also because of her disposition to take as much porn as possible. At almost one year since she first joined the adult business at the age of 18, Alex has already hit around 150 films. This gives her one of the most dynamic porn stars ever and most definitely the most dynamic freshman. She does most everything before the camera, except anal, because she’s also wet at the back room.