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This is the tag page for Goth porn videos, also known as alt porn, on Represented in this tag are images and videos featuring any type of porn action featuring goth elements. Some of the videos include teens (18-19 years old), girl on girl action, lesbians, anal, torture, bbw, chubby sex, big titty girls, big booty,  creampie, internal cumshot, black, ebony, white, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, and even Asian emo porn. All content on this website is 100% free.

Our featured model is Miss Mya, whom you’ll find on our home page, and our webmistress is dominatrix Leia Solo, also known as Dark Leia, herself.


Some members of the alt porn group differ on the definition of alt pornography. Some consider it generally the artistic level while others see it as having a more philosophical explanation. That includes controversies around whether alt pornography websites and pictures should limit themselves to softcore pin-up business or allow more sexually explicit hardcore knowledge, whether alt pornography need be explicitly feminist or not, And whether alt porn venues should be models of all genders and the variety of substance types rather than simply conventionally beautiful young females. Since every pornography organization conducts its job and treats its models otherwise, it is difficult to determine it on the philosophical basis, although these models’ liberty to talk their mind both about the industry, their employers, And governmental agendas is regarded by some to be the critical part of the alt porn group. SuicideGirls have been criticised for limiting their employees’ ability to make common remarks of the world.

We talked about this example of this “alt woman” the porn trope of the otherwise conventionally beautiful performer who finds to show “ edgy ” body mods. Besides the trend toward more of the crazy defiant attitude, alt pornography generally tends to demonstrate the ways that tattoo culture has been earmarked for mainstream reason. As tattooed ladies who realize what it’s like to be treated like our bodies are ready for demand, Tamara and I would also actually delve into this contradiction of perpetual adornment. Tamara sees getting tattooed as the means of taking authority, making and insisting on your own iconography. In some ways, the tattooed body declares, “look at me, see my symbols, look my woman, I am the business of art.” And certainly simultaneously, the tattooed substance tells, “Screw you, don’t you dare see me! I laugh in and take feeling! I don’t fit in, you may not understand me on any different statements than my personal, and by this means I be hard as damn and you do not want to fuck with me.”